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The Most Important Word in Investing Isn’t What You Think

They’re known to be the two most important words in investing:

Compounding & Risk

Everyone knows high-risk investments can bring instant riches. Yet most ‘YOLO’ (You Only Live Once!!) strategies end in tears.

Casinos are built upon the concept – paying massive jackpots to those willing to risk a 100% loss on a series of small wagers. The more you play, the more likely you lose.

The casino principle applies to option buyers as well – especially those seduced by short-duration contracts (the new hot thing in options).

Some win. Some even win big. But very few walk away at the top.

On the other end of the investing spectrum, the ‘Boomer’ strategy of building wealth through a lifetime of compounded returns has little room for risk:

Consider 5 years of 10% annual returns being wiped out by a single 20% down year (remember 2022?).

Or 50 years of 10% annual returns cut in half by just 3 years of 2022-like losses.

We understand aggressive buyers of options who are trying to make 100% with every trade – and how earning 2% per month doesn’t sound very exciting.

But letting TIME work for you is VERY exciting – and here at In The Money, it’s key to our investing strategy.

Albert Einstein said compound interest is the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

And of course, he was absolutely correct.

Earning a low-risk 2% per month in the options market puts the miraculous power of compound interest to work like nothing else.

Check out the chart below.

It shows what an initial investment of $10,000 turns into over just 5 years when a person earns 2% per month.

By the end of just 5 years, a $10,000 initial stake upon which a person earns a steady 2% per month turns into $32,810.

Think about that for a minute. You’ve tripled your money — and you’ve done it without taking any homerun swings – and by simply making low-risk option trades month after month.

You see, 12 months of 2% would seem to equal 24% in a year—a return that smashes the return of the stock market and even the very best hedge fund managers in the world.

As you know, the stock market is the greatest wealth creation tool on earth. Historically, the S&P 500 has returned 9.71% per year.

So, 2% per month isn’t only good. It is incredibly good.

Not surprisingly, investors who rely on traditional compounding to build wealth often hold large cap value stocks, dividend payers and even Treasuries or other bonds – giving up return potential in order to reduce risk.

The problem is that by the time they get “In The Money”—they’re too old to enjoy it.

Now what if I told you there’s a middle ground?

What if you could embrace compounding while still trading options on great companies?

What if you could pull off a slightly higher risk kind of trade that achieves 3X to 4X the returns of regular options trades?

That’s what we do at In The Money.

We become the seller of risk rather than the buyer. In fact, we use options to ‘rent out’ stocks like an options landlord, earning 1 to 3 percent per month.

Consider another example:

A $10,000 portfolio that compounds wins of 2.5% per month grows to $1.14 million over 16 years. It bears repeating:

$10,000 to $1.14 Million
in 16 Years!

Here at In The Money, we have more than 50 years of combined investment experience. We know how to analyze company financials, fundamentals and determine valuations – yet we also understand the next generation of investors have changed the investing landscape.

And we know how to profit from it.

We think In The Money is unlike any trading service you’ve ever seen.

Each month, we provide our single best options idea. Often, our best ideas can run for 2 to 4 months, offering a great, even lower-risk opportunity to re-load on a monthly options trade.

These ideas are centered around a small group of highly liquid stocks that we know intimately.

We also publish our own fundamental commentary backing up all our ideas. Most importantly, we keep it SIMPLE.

Each month will have a more advanced, slightly higher risk trade to go along with the basic options trade.

Click here to learn how you can follow our trades to these kinds of gains we’ve just shown you.

Nathan Weiss & Keith Schaefer
Co-Founders, In The Money options trading service
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