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Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of investment returns does InTheMoney look to deliver?
We seek to generate 1.5% to 4% returns in as little as 2 to 5 weeks on each of our trades, or an annualized return of 20% to 40% without compounding. We believe selling covered calls and puts is the best and least-risky way to generate income with options.
If you think a stock on your Watch List could double or triple in a few years, why write covered calls for smaller gains?
It could take some time for the Street to reward the stock, or the new management might not hit every milestone on time. So we may be long the stock, but as we wait, or along the way, we write monthly calls on part of the position to add some income—sometimes as much as 4% per month.
How does the service and strategy work?
Our strategy involves two steps: buying the stock we recommend, then selling in-the-money covered call options on that stock (in which the strike price is below the stock’s market price). If the stock closes lower than the strike price on the day the option expires, this option then expires (worthless) – and you pocket the premium income from the covered call.
What is "in the money" – in options trading terms?

For call options (bullish, or long the stock), the option is “in the money” when the strike price is below the stock’s market price.  For put options (bearish), the option is “in the money” when the strike price is above the stock price.

What is “out of the money"?

A call option is “out of the money” when the stock’s market price is above the strike price, and a put options is out of the money when the strike price is below the stock price.

How often do you recommend new trades in the portfolio?

Each month, we recommend one new, short-dated options trade, and we update you regularly on each trade via email and web site.

What does a recent trade from your service look like?

Buy Meta Platforms (META) in 100 share lots, Sell November 18, 2022 $85.00 Calls against the long position (covered calls)

See full report here.

Do you also recommend selling covered puts in your strategy?
Yes. Regardless of whether we’re selling covered calls or covered puts, we always keep risk to a minimum – our trades are truly the simplest, lowest-risk “in the money” options trades imaginable.
Does your service include any “naked call selling?” (selling calls on a stock without owning the underlying stock)
No – there are significant risks involved in naked calls and puts. We aim to keep our service simple and easy to use.
What are some of the names on your portfolio Watch List?
Watch List companies are always highly liquid and ripe for our covered call approach. Names include META Platforms (META) and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT).
How much does your service cost?
Full membership and access to the web site portfolio costs $179 per year (U.S.).
Does your service include a refund policy?

Yes. You may cancel anytime within the first 30 days of membership, and receive a full refund of your membership fee.

Does my brokerage account need to be approved for options trading?
Yes. In both the U.S. and Canada, your account should be approved for options trading by your brokerage firm. Most firms regard covered call selling to one of the safest and least-risky techniques among the many options trading strategies available, and in many cases will approve the use for its clients – provided they have sufficient funding in the account and acknowledge to understanding the strategy.
How long does it take to execute one of your trade recommendations?
It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to make a trade, including the stock purchase and writing the covered call. Our email alerts will provide the step-by-step details.

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