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Interested in Options Trading?

The smartest man I know is minting money in the options market.

More impressive he is doing it with less volatility and less risk than the rest of us do by owning stocks.

This is “Steady Eddie” coupon clipping type stuff. Every month he locks in options premiums that pay him a steady one, two or even three percent per month.

No homerun swings. No playing the hero.

This is all about making money the easy way.

You may think 1.5% – 2.0% monthly returns sounds boring—until you start to think of what this means in terms of annualized returns. It is possible to generate a low-risk, 20% plus annualized returns here.

Each month we will have ONE new, short-dated options trade. They will all be covered calls or covered puts—keeping risk to a minimum. These truly are the simplest, lowest risk, in the money options trades imaginable.

I’m convinced that this is the smartest way to generate returns and avoid the volatility of the market.

Two years ago, making this kind of money from these low-risk options trades was not possible. What changed is that since the start of COVID the options market has been FLOODED with money from incredibly inexperienced retail investors.

This year an incredible 40 million options contracts will trade on average daily. Prior to COVID the options market saw less than half that volume

Volume changes like that are meant to take place over many decades——not a couple of years.

Options trading has become so popular that the current value of options contracts in circulation exceeds that of stocks.

On September 22nd 2022 for example stocks options with a notional value of $6.9 trillion changed hands versus the $5.8 trillion that were traded in company shares. (2)

This massive inflow of cash is mostly from the most inexperienced retail investors, creating a very inefficient market. These retail folks have no patience and are undisciplined at best.

As a result, options premiums have soared. This is the low-risk opportunity I will be giving investors every month—disciplined, unexciting options trades and patiently collecting 1-2% monthly payment. Some months it may be more, depending on how the stock performs.

With these trades, the stock can often go DOWN 7-8% and the option writer still makes money.

This really is a new way to invest—but I make it very simple.

The options market has become insanely inefficient. I’m bringing you the smartest player in the market who is exploiting the opportunity the deluge of retail cash is creating.

If you are interested in less volatility, clipping monthly options coupons and turning the risk level of your portfolio way down.

Nathan Weiss & Keith Schaefer
Co-Founders, In The Money options trading service
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