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Past Trades

Energy Transfer Limited Partnership (ET)

Our February 2024 Options Trade: Energy Transfer Limited Partnership

Our January covered call trade involves buying ET units at $14.04 and writing February 16th, $12.00 calls for $2.07. Our
January trade should generate a 2.46% gain (including an anticipated $.315 per unit distribution) if ET units trade at $12.00
(or above) at the options expiration – a 27.91% annualized return. The trade breaks even if ET trades down to $11.66 – a full
$2.39 per share (16.99%) below the current price.

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Our December 2023 Options Trade: iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT)

REAL interest rates are as high as they have ever been – even after the Street has started pricing in lower interest rates for the last 5 weeks!

To me and my colleague Nathan Weiss, that makes the 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT-NYSE) an InTheMoney bank trade – likely for most of 2024 as well.

This is the second options trade on TLT for Nathan Weiss and myself in the last month. The first trade–on Nov 18 – we advised our readers to write December 15th, $85.00 covered calls on TLT shares, earning a 1.46% return as long as TLT shares are trading at or above $85.00 when the options expire – a 17.5% annualized return.

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