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Co-investment directors Nathan Weiss and Keith Schaefer have a 12-year track record working together to deliver big gains in small- and medium-cap stocks.


Some of their biggest wins include:

  • Overstock (OSTK-NASD): $8 per share to $108 in 4 months (2020)
  • Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD): $20 to $40 in 9 months (2018)
  • Pacific Ethanol (PEIX-NASD): $3.50 to $23 in 7 months (2014)
  • Resolute Energy (REV-NYSE): $7 to $45 in 7 months (2017; since bought out)
  • Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD): $20 to $40 in 9 months (2018)Golar LNG (GLNG-NASD): $15 to $48 in 1 year (2011)
  • Green Plains Renewable (GPRE-NASD): $8 to $48 in 15 months (2013)


In 2023, Nathan and Keith decided to officially join forces – by creating a trading service that takes advantage of a massively under-utilized segment of the market:

Writing (selling) covered call (or put) options to generate consistent income.


The two-step process of writing covered calls involves:

#1 Buying the recommended stock (A Watch List of roughly 12 stocks is maintained daily),


#2 Selling (also known as “writing”) covered call options on this stock that you own – a relatively conservative technique that can generate a reliable income stream. *Read the FAQ page for more information on selling covered calls.

Nathan and Keith explain their intensive bottom-up research in plain English, offering individual investors a sound backdrop to their money-making trades.

About Nathan Weiss

Nathan Weiss is founder and senior analyst of Unit Economics, a Boston-based independent research firm for institutional investors. He’s a long/short equity expert who targets special situations in his covered call approach, and other options strategies.

Nathan received his MSIM in Finance & Investing from the Questrom School of Business, Boston University, and his BBA in Finance & Economics from the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business.

About Keith Schaefer

Keith Schaefer is CEO & publisher of Investing Whisperer – a trading service focused on small cap stocks across all sectors. He looks for Free Cash Flow at a cheap price, or business models with moats, or inflection points in junior companies.

Keith has also published the Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin trading service since its 2009 launch. He earned his BA in Journalism and History from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

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