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What We Do Different

Options trading surged in 2020—and has never slowed down. Millions more investors now trade options—to the point where volume on options is sometimes greater than common stock volume on the NYSE.

Premiums for options have also surged—creating a lucrative strategy for even novice investors. Writing options—covered calls and covered puts—makes it possible to earn 1-2% each month on a low risk trade. We even see options trades—regularly–that make 1%+ in a week.

When you start to compound 1% per month, you start to make a lot of money very quickly.

Each month, our subscribers receive—in simple language—our highest conviction options trade (covered calls/puts) to achieve that 1-2% a month. We often find even more profitable trades, but our goal is consistent, 1-2% per gains per month.

Our Service

We cover a small, select, liquid group of mid-and large-cap stocks, and we know their fundamentals, in detail.

Most trades—but not all—are monthly, and usually come out just after the regular monthly options expiry date. Downgrades, quarterly reports and dividends are special events that don’t follow regular expiry dates, and we can take advantage of these events.

Join us today, before we issue our next options trade. You get all our best options trades—for just US$179/year.

Our January covered call trade involves buying ET units at $14.04 and writing February 16th, $12.00 calls for $2.07. Our January trade should generate a 2.46% gain (including an anticipated $.315 per unit distribution) if ET units trade at $12.00 (or above) at the options expiration - a 27.91% annualized return. The trade breaks even if ET trades down to $11.66 - a full $2.39 per share (16.99%) below the current price.
Energy Transfer Limited Partnership (ET)


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